Sell any product online

Create a custom shop in minutes

Sonlet Selling Overview

    Import products into your Sonlet inventory
    Add products one by one or in bulk by dragging and dropping multiple product images at once.

    Start selling immediately
    You can share a direct link to buy any of your available products, no store or site design required! Easily control products that are available or not.

    Enable your Storefront
    Your Storefront is a simple online store that contains all of your available products. When enabled, customers can browse and buy every product you have listed for sale. Batteries included, no additional setup necessary.

    Create specialty shops
    Creating specialty shops allows anyone to browse the specific products you add to them. It's simple to add and remove products in your shops. Sonlet has tools to customize your shops and storefront and you can put them on custom subdomains.

Sell with anyone

Join up with other sellers to boost your online sales. You can create collaborative shops (also known as "parties") and invite other sellers to add their inventory into a shared storefront. Posting inventory in the same shop as other sellers multiplies your customer reach and increases customer engagement.

Sell with no transaction-fees

Unlike other e-commerce platforms, Sonlet does not charge any transaction fee on your sales. All you pay is the flat monthly subscription fee, whether you're selling $100 per month or $1,000,000 per month.

  • 0% transaction fee on sales.
  • 0% listing fee. List as many items as you want, all for free.
  • Commercial plus shipping rates (the cheapest rates available from the USPS)

Track orders

Sonlet helps you organize your sales by tracking invoice, payment, and shipment status for every order. You can collect payment at checkout or invoice your shoppers later using Sonlet's built-in invoicing system or your own third-party invoicing system (Square, PayPal, etc.).

You can even print a shipping label and send a tracking email to your customer right from your Orders screen.

Reduce costs and simplify your life

Sonlet is a one-stop shop for online sales. Between our online storefronts, social media integration, invoicing, expense tracking, and shipping services, we have you covered. Go ahead and ditch your other paid services, you won't need them here!