Fast and simple inventory tracking, facebook marketing, pop-up boutiques,
and shipping labels - all in one compliant place

Join millions of Direct Sales Consultants and customers that use Sonlet

34 million
Items claimed

2.6 million
Consultants and customers trust Sonlet

3 million
Page loads every day

$2 billion
Inventory claimed

Sonlet manages every aspect of your business

Inventory Tracking

Track your entire inventory received and sold, with our simple drag-and-drop functionality. It keeps sizes, styles, and prices where you'll never lose them again.

Facebook Parties

List your inventory for sale on your favorite social media platforms at the click of the mouse. Your friends simply click on the item or comment "Sold" and Sonlet handles the rest. Learn more

Sales Management

Always know who’s claimed an item and who needs to be invoiced. Easily track who’s purchased, who’s been invoiced, who’s paid, and which items have shipped.

Online Parties

Our online party system simplifies your online parties so you're not waiting for Facebook uploads. Sonlet Parties include multi-consultant support, a live feed of recent activity to keep customers engaged, and Facebook likes and comments.

Financial & Expense Tracking

Save the time and headache of digging through shoeboxes at tax time. Sonlet lets you know your sales and your expenses in seconds, so you always are up-to-date.

Shipping Labels

Print your shipping labels right in the same place where you make your sales and collect your customer shipping addresses. No more download and upload of addresses! Learn more

Customer Loyalty Rewards

Incentivize all of your customers to make repeat purchases with Customer Loyalty Rewards. Your customers see their loyalty punch cards right in their Sonlet dashboard. Setup new rewards programs and increase sales in seconds. Learn more


We’ll help keep you compliant while giving you the most effective platform to grow your business.

Sonlet will Grow Your Business

From in Person to Online

Market to your social media connections to take your business online instantly!

From Pen and Paper
to Drag and Drop

No more manual order tracking and cumbersome notebooks and spreadsheets!

From Many Logins to
One Convenient Dashboard

Marketing, Inventory, Accounting, and Shipping all in one awesome place!

Note for LuLaRoe users: Sonlet has no affiliation with LuLaRoe (LLR Inc.). All financial transactions should still be handled through LuLaRoe's invoicing systems as described in the consultant "Policies and Procedures" document.

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