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Allows direct sellers to manage all of their customer communications from one place by connecting directly to Facebook messenger and a dedicated business phone number that receives text messages only.

by: Verdad Tech

Est release: 14-30 days

Price: $9.99 / mo

Sonlet Shops

Carry clothing and accessories offered by some of the top brands without paying a dime for inventory! Sonlet styles are shipped directly to your customers from the brands' warehouse while you make 30-40% markup on the wholesale price.

by: Sonlet

Est release: 45-60 days

Price: Free


A simple collage app for LuLaRoe consultants.

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Create Sonlet invoices in Bless, Square, and PayPal.

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Fashion consultant tools just for you.

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Meet FyzzBee, the breakthrough marketing service for direct sellers.

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The direct route from pics to pop-ups!

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Unicorn Swag

Easily collage and share directly to Sonlet at no extra cost!!

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Consultant Assistant

Make and upload collages easily

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We leverage the Django REST framework so that working with and integrating with us is easy. Check out our API documentation here. Register to get app credentials to start testing your integration on beta.

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We're happy to promote your app to our beta testers so you can get quick feedback and prioritize your development efforts.

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We find that by being slackers we can get more done. We're all about collaborating to create great software for direct sales companies and consultants. Register with us below and we'll make you a slacker too.

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