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The Ana dress is a floor-length knit maxi dress with a fitted bodice, flattering scoop neck, and mid-length sleeves. The dress easily transitions from casual to dressy, warm weather to cold, and the length is both regal and bohemian. Its versatility is a plus, but its comfort is what will have you falling hard for this dress.

Available in:
S 2 M 1 L 1 All 4


We all want a cute dress that lets us breathe and move easier, so we are excited about the Carly - a swing dress that flatters the best parts of a feminine physique while being flowy and breezy everywhere else. The Carly comes in a wide array of fabrics, prints, and washes and has some amazing features such as a patch pocket, a flattering high-low hemline, and cool open sleeves.

Available in:
XXS 6 XS 3 S 8 M 12 L 9 XL 6 2XL 7 3XL 4 All 55


Our Cassie skirt takes the fancy up a notch from the Maxi skirt without sacrificing comfort. Our pencil skirt’s waistband flatters all body types and enables the wearer to adjust the length as needed. You can still dance like no one is watching and know that everything you want covered will stay covered. And you will look hot, too. We live in this skirt all year long.

Available in:
XS 1 S 2 M 3 L 1 XL 1 All 8

Classic Tee

The LuLaRoe “Classic T” is sure to become a wardrobe staple as the perfect compliment to all your LuLaRoe skirts and leggings. The Classic T is made from comfortable spun polyester jersey and is short sleeved with a high round neck line. As mentioned, the Classic T pairs well with leggings as the back is slightly longer to flatter bodies of all shapes and sizes. The Classic T is sure to become an essential foundational piece for a truly phenomenal wardrobe.

Available in:
XXS 7 XS 6 S 3 M 8 L 8 XL 7 2XL 8 3XL 11 All 58


The unisex LuLaRoe Gracie top, with its high-low hemline, makes it the perfect Kid’s top to pair with anything, but it's especially great with leggings! Furthermore, it's loose fitting short sleeves will keep even the most active kid comfortable and cool. Easy to layer and versatile enough to dress up or down, the Gracie is sure to become a staple in your kids' closets.

Available in:
4 1 6 1 12 3 All 5


LuLaRoe’s Irma Tunic is a loose, knit “high-low” tunic with fitted mid-length sleeves. Tunic tops are a major throw back to days gone by. And by days we actually mean centuries. The tunic is a shirt or gown that was worn by women starting in the days of ancient Greece and Rome. But it’s not an ancient fashion, no ma’am. The tunic is such a simple design that is has withstood the test of (a looooong) time. It’s versatile and simple, and at LuLaRoe we’ve found that those are the best styles because you can wear them however you want with just about anything you want and each design is going to be flattering and stylish. But the bestest part of these simple and stylish designs is that they are perfect for any body - no matter your shape, size, height or nail color

Available in:
XXS 6 XS 8 S 6 M 12 L 9 XL 8 2XL 9 3XL 4 All 62


The LuLaRoe Joy is a lightweight and breezy longline vest perfect for achieving that great layered look. The Joy comes in a feminine, custom made lace and features flirty side slits for added movement. This is a great pocketless piece to layer into your favorite LuLaRoe ensembles or to wear as a stylish cover-up at the pool or beach. The possibilities with Joy are endless!

Available in:
XS 3 S 1 M 1 L 2 XL 1 All 8


The Julia dress is a form fitting, knee- length, knit dress with mid-length sleeves and a high neckline. Its simple silhouette makes the Julia dress a great canvas for layering and accessorizing. This dress is a staple for every season’s wardrobe. It is feminine, flattering, and you may not ever want to take it off.

Available in:
XXS 3 XS 5 S 1 XL 3 All 12

Kids Leggings

PATTERNS! COLORS! They are going to have a hard time choosing. So don’t choose; just get them all (or at least a pair for each day of the week). Because after wearing one pair of these LuLaRoe leggings for kids, we are pretty sure they will not want to wear anything else, anyway.

Available in:
S/M 2 L/XL 3 All 5

LuLaRoe Collection for Disney Kids Leggings

Available in:
S/M 1 L/XL 8 All 9

LuLaRoe Collection for Disney One Size Leggings

Available in:
OS Prints 18 All 18

LuLaRoe Collection for Disney Perfect T

Available in:
XL 1 All 1

LuLaRoe Collection for Disney TC2

Available in:
TC2 Prints 6 All 6

LuLaRoe Collection for Disney Tween Leggings

Available in:
Tween 15 All 15


With its long sleeves, the LuLaRoe Lynnae is basically your favorite summertime top all warmed up for colder temps. Boasting a high low hemline, flirty scooped neckline, and hourglass tailoring – it is sure to flatter all. Pair it with any of LuLaRoe’s skirts or leggings to create a fresh look, guaranteed to leave you obsessed!

Available in:
XS 1 M 3 L 3 XL 3 2XL 4 3XL 3 All 17

TC2 Leggings

Having the nickname "butter leggings" is just a sign that are leggings are the softest around. Our leggings are ultra stretchy and super soft. They are as close to your own skin as you can get while still being clothed. Coming in both solid colors and a variety of patterns you are bound to end up with a pair for each day of the week.

Available in:
TC2 Prints 8 TC2 Solids 2 All 10

Tall and Curvy Leggings

Available in:
Tall and Curvy 83 All 83

Tween Leggings

Available in:
Tween 6 All 6

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