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Welcome to my shop. Inventory changes daily so check back often.
While I'm at Convention all ALBUMS are 25% off. 7/23-7/31
Shipping $5 for 1 item and $7 for 2 or more.
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The Hurley House


Amelia $65

Available in:
M 1 XL 2 2XL 1 All 4


Carly $55
The AMAZINGLY flattering swing dress. Features a high low hemline and generous sleeves with a chest pocket. Sizing is similar to the Classic Tee--- or just size down one if you like a more fitted look!

Available in:
3XL 1 All 1


Cassie is our pencil skirt that is AMAZING!! It hugs in all the right places and doesn't where you don't want it too!! Some use it for a top and even a SCARF!!! VERY versatile!

Available in:
S 4 M 7 L 13 XL 11 2XL 5 3XL 3 All 43

Classic Tee

The absolute perfect shirt for ANY outfit whether it's the Classic T with the scoop neckline or the Christy with the V-neckline.Dress it up, dress it's up to you! Of course, it's soft and comfy...but it's slightly longer in the back so it's perfect to pair with leggings, as well as jeans, Cassie skirts, Lola name it! Run fairly true to size, however, if you're looking for a slightly more fitted look, go down a size

Available in:
S 5 M 7 L 6 XL 1 2XL 2 3XL 6 All 27


Available in:
L 1 All 1


The Irma is our high low tunic with fitted mid-length sleeves. This is our go-to for leggings. Let's not forget how versatile she is, though. Check out all the different ways to wear her! Because of her generous fit, I recommend going down 1-2 sizes for the best fit.

Available in:
XS 2 S 8 M 10 L 10 XL 4 2XL 3 3XL 6 All 43

LuLaRoe Collection for Disney Cassie

Available in:
XL 2 All 2

LuLaRoe Collection for Disney Classic T

Lularoe Collection for Disney Classic T 's are $40
my Disney albums are 40%. discount will be taken at invoicing.

Available in:
S 3 All 3

LuLaRoe Collection for Disney Irma

Available in:
XS 2 M 1 L 3 XL 2 All 8

LuLaRoe Collection for Disney Tall and Curvy Leggings

Lularoe Collection for Disney $30
Album is 40% off discount is taken at time of invoicing.

Available in:
Tall and Curvy 4 All 4


This is the Long sleeve Classic that everyone has been waiting for.
They are true to size.

Available in:
XS 2 S 8 M 8 L 13 XL 3 2XL 7 3XL 3 All 44


Madison is the bottom half of the Amelia dress, complete with hidden side seam pockets.

Available in:
M 2 L 2 XL 2 All 6


Imagine if you combined the versatility of the Carly and the comfort and length of the Ana dresses. Well we've done just that with the LuLaRoe Maria! This loose fitting cap sleeve, maxi dress features a high neckline, minimal seams, a flattering fit and a slight high low hemline so you can still catch a glimpse pf those cute shoes we know you are wearing

Available in:
XL 1 2XL 1 3XL 1 All 3


The Maxi was the start of everything. A Yoga waist band, slightly longer is the back. It can be worn as a skirt or as a dress. Maxi will be taking a break from my shop. The remaining are 50% discount done at invoicing.

Available in:
L 1 All 1

Monroe Kimono

the Monroe is no longer in production.
when their gone, their gone. $24. Discount at invoicing.

Available in:
S 5 L 2 All 7

One Size Leggings

Adult leggings $25

Available in:
One Size 60 All 60

Perfect Tee

This is a fuller cut top with slit seams. you can size down 1 size

Available in:
S 6 M 9 L 8 XL 5 2XL 1 3XL 5 All 34

Sarah Cardigan

Long duster cardigan-- ADORABLE!!! She's breathable, yet warm. Elegant and classy, yet comfortable. True to size or size up one for layering. Cool Summer evenings or air conditioned theaters Sarah is a year round staple

Available in:
S 1 M 3 L 1 XL 2 All 7

Tall and Curvy Leggings

Available in:
Tall and Curvy 66 All 66

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