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Welcome to the LuLaRoe Boutique!


Open 24/7 so you can shop on your time! All invoices paid by 6pm PST will ship next day.
I love helping you! Please just leave a comment on the item if you have a question or ask it in the party chat. If you need me to find something that matches, just let me know!


Not sure of your size? Check the Ballerina folder for street size equivalents!

Terms of sale: Outfits are sold as outfits. If you'd like to swap, please ask, or feel free to check the single albums to see if the item you're looking for is available.
Shipping is $5 for one leggings, shirt or skirt and $8 for everything else or two or more items.
All invoices due upon receipt and will be released if not paid in 6 hours. I will not hunt you down. If you have time to claim, you have time to pay!
Return policy: All sales are final. I accept exchanges only within 3 days of receipt with the exception of capsules and mystery items or bundles with mystery items. Those are absolutely no returns or refunds. All exchanges must be received in new condition: unworn, tags attached, no odors or blemishes. Customer pays shipping both ways, Exchanges must be initiated by emailing me at the email provided on your receipt for exchange instructions. Once an exchange has been received, checked and accepted, you will receive a link to this party to choose something else. No pre-claiming on exchanges. The exchange must be received and then you can choose from current inventory, excluding capsule items. All exchanges must be completed within 3 days of email receipt and be of like kind. No exchanges of non-capsule to capsule items and no outfits will be broken up for exchanges. If no item is chosen, a mystery item will be donated in your name.
Effective 11/1/17, All orders over $150 require a signed receipt before I'm able to ship them due to the proliferation of fraud online.
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The LuLaRoe Boutique


Ana $60

Available in:
M 1 3XL 1 All 2

Christy T

Available in:
S 1 All 1


Available in:
2XL 1 All 1


Julia $45

Available in:
XS 1 M 1 All 2

Kids Leggings

Kids Leggings $23

Available in:
S/M 3 L/XL 7 Tween 3 All 13

LuLaRoe Collection for Disney Carly

Available in:
XS 1 All 1

LuLaRoe Collection for Disney Classic T

LuLaRoe Collection for Disney Classic Tee $40

Available in:
S 4 M 2 All 6

LuLaRoe Collection for Disney Gigi

Available in:
L 1 All 1

LuLaRoe Collection for Disney Mae

Available in:
2 2 All 2

LuLaRoe Collection for Disney Perfect T

Available in:
XS 1 S 1 2XL 1 All 3

LuLaRoe Collection for Disney Randy

LuLaRoe Collection for Disney Randy $40

Available in:
XS 9 S 4 M 2 All 15

LuLaRoe Collection for Disney TC2

Available in:
TC2 1 All 1


Available in:
M 1 All 1


Madison $46

Available in:
S 4 All 4


Available in:
3XL 1 All 1

One Size Leggings

OS Leggings $25

Available in:
One Size 1 OS Prints 85 OS Solids 25 All 111


Outfits. Priced at each piece or as marked. If you would like to purchase just one of the items, please check to see if there is a duplicate available in the appropriate album. All outfits in this album are sold as-is.

Available in:
Sizing Chart 8 L 1 All 9


Available in:
14 1 All 1

Tall and Curvy Leggings

TC Leggings $25

Available in:
Tall and Curvy 1 TC Prints 24 TC Solids 16 All 41

Tank Top

$25 or priced as marked. All invoices due within one hour or will be released to sold nexts.

Available in:
S 7 M 32 L 65 XL 66 2XL 47 3XL 37 All 254

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