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Make a profit selling the brands you love without buying a single piece of inventory.

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Create a shop & add products
Create your website, personalize it, and add products from the same brands you find in your favorite stores like Nordstrom, Macy's, and Forever 21! Create a boutique or a personal shopping link!
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Step 2
Promote your shop
Share links to your shop or to specific products directly through Facebook and You earn 30% - 35% of everything your customers purchase!!!
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Step 3
Help customers look amazing!
Help your customers find their perfect look!!!

NO tracking inventory, NO tracking orders, NO invoicing, NO shipping... Sonlet collects and distributes payment and suppliers dropship directly to your customers!
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Start a new journey with us!

Hi, I'm Sonnie, one of the founders of Sonlet. I love selling clothes. LOVE it! But we're all too familiar with the struggles that come from running a traditional online boutique. The inventory piles up in your spare room. Tracking orders and shipping takes over your life. Maintaining good relationships with your customers is challenging because all of your time and energy are used up keeping everything straight. I knew there had to be a better way...

I am pleased to announce the launch of Sonlet Shops! Our team wants to help you be unique and independent. Run an online boutique without the headaches of purchasing or warehousing inventory. We've teamed up with suppliers for some of the biggest retailers across the nation, and they've agreed to handle all the hard stuff. Items are already photographed and ready to add to your own personalized website with no upfront costs, no sales or order minimums, no recruitment, and no shipping. Focus on what you love most: finding amazing items your customers will love and exploring your own personal style. I'm so excited to share Sonlet Shops with you, and I know it will spark the excitement and passion you feel about selling while maintaining your independence, freedom, and unique style.


Sonnie Humpherys

Boutique Owner, Sonlet President & Cofounder

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