Are you selling on Shopify?

Sell your Shopify products on Facebook

Post your products to Facebook, convert "sold" comments into Shopify orders, and more!

Social Selling — now on Shopify

Social selling via Facebook groups and pages is becoming more popular. Now you can get in on the trend using nothing more than your existing Shopify store and Facebook account.

With the Sonlet Shopify app you can:

  • Post products to Facebook group albums, page walls, and group walls.
  • Convert "sold" comments on Facebook into Shopify Orders.
  • Schedule posts for future or post right away.
  • Caption your posts with ease by inserting product information like title, description, link, and price, saving you time.
  • Filter and select products to post from the Products section of the Shopify admin or from within the Sonlet app.

Automate your social posts

Set it and forget it! With the ability to schedule posts ahead of time you can consolidate your social selling work into a single session.

No Sonlet account required.
If you have a Shopify store and a Facebook account you're ready to go!